How To Use Speaker Cleaner To Get Rid Of Liquids And Dust

How To Use Speaker Cleaner To Get Rid Of Liquids And Dust

If you hear muffled sound coming out of your phone’s speaker, you might fear that the speaker is damaged or not sure what is happening. Damages can be prevented if you act quickly. Most smartphones nowadays come with IP ratings and normal phones have some sort of protection to stop liquid damage for a certain duration. You do not have to visit a service center to change your phone speaker if you do one or two things first. You can either play a loud sound or leave the phone at the normal temperature so the liquid gets dried out naturally. You can also try out the below steps to clean liquid from the phone speaker.

Does your phone have a speaker cleaner feature?

When the phone speaker doesn’t sound well, some Android phone skins offer a specific feature to remove foreign objects from the phone speaker. To clear water, dust, and other foreign objects from your phone speaker, the feature blasts high-pitched sound at maximum power. Check your phone for such a function before attempting any other solutions in this post. It can appear under the sound or other options such as “Speaker Cleaner,” “Clear Speaker,” or whatever names your OEM gives it. For instance, on some phones running the MiUI operating system, the feature is known as “Clear Speaker.” To remove water from the phone speaker: go to Settings Additional Settings to clean my Speaker and follow the on-screen directions.

Download an app or visit a website

Some android phones do not have the speaker cleaner feature, well nothing to worry about because you can now download them. The application will emit a high-pitched sound to get water out of your phone. Note you can play any song from your music library but they will not fix the problem. These sounds are designed to clean water from your phone speakers and that is what you need. Meanwhile, if you are unable to find such software and have very little window opportunity, we suggest you visit the water out phone website using the same phone. Upon accessing the website, you will come across a screen with a play button. Play it and you will hear a buzzing sound emitting a specific frequency to get rid of water from your phone speaker. Now you no longer have to wander around for a speaker cleaner just visit the website to get water out of your phone speaker and earphone. They are the best speaker cleaner of course and do not forget the apps.

The process might take a minute or two but once it is completed you will have no issue with the speaker. Test your speaker by playing a song and see if the sound is well now. Or you might have to repeat the process two or three times to completely dry out the water. In some cases, the sound may not work to get water out of your phone speaker. For instance, you cannot fix your phone speaker with sound if salt water inside the circuit board is damaged already.

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