Balasudha Medicine for Kids to Ease Constipation     

Balasudha Medicine for Kids to Ease Constipation     

Constipation problems are more common in older people but seeing kids struggle with it is even sadder. 30-35% of kids and children suffer from bowel syndrome, constipation, and a variety of other issues. It often has to do with diet and environmental factors, if these issues remain persistent they can hamper kid’s growth and bring about severe diseases. If you are not, sure which medicine would be right for your kid consult with a doctor. However, when allopathic treatments do not work, we recommend you try something natural like Balasudha drops. It is an Ayurvedic medicine for kids and adults that promotes good health and relief from gastrointestinal problems. 

What Is Balasudha Medicine?

It is a medicine that is created with different natural herbs and natural oils and it has different uses. However, for kids, it works like a laxative. It causes the bowel to move, squeeze, and contract harder than usual and the motion encourages the stool to go through the intestine and out of the rectum. However, balasudha should not be used for a long time, although it is used as a constipation relief medicine you should indulge in this too much. Both adults and kids have to take natural aids to soften the stool like eating vegetables, fiber-rich foods, olive oils, and fruits.

Balasudha Dosage

The balasudha drops for health and energy have a unique taste but children detest this medicine and some manufacturers add natural oils to make it easier to drink. Anyone who is planning to take this medicine for constipation should read the fine label carefully or consult with a doctor to know the right dosage. However, you can follow the below tips:

  • Take ¼ teaspoon ofbalasudha (For adults)
  • Take ½ teaspoon (For kids)
  • Mix it well with milk or honey
  • Consume it twice a day after taking food

Again, we recommend you consult with a doctor before using this medicine.

Safe and Easy Remedies Should Be Followed With Balasudha

If you find your child is constipated, you should try the following to help get relief:

Juices: Prunes, and white grape juice are good for clearing constipation therefore 4 ounces or less should be ideal every day. You can make it even stronger in case the situation is bad by adding balasudha drops. It promotes bowel movements, increases liquid in the stool, and makes it more softened so it passes out easily.

Apply Abdominal Message: in some cases, even the toughest medicines are unable to make any breakthrough and in those instances, children and infants should be given an abdominal message. Abdominal massages help ease bowel movements. These procedures are not only effective but also less painful and traumatic for the children.

More Water Intake

Balasudha alone will not make a difference and it will become a habit, which sounds not good, especially for children. Therefore, water intake has to be increased because a dehydrated body does not encourage bowel movements and without bowel movements, constipation will not go away. Fiber-rich foods are also necessary for kids so feed them more vegetables, and fruits because these are also good for their gut health.

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